If the Democrats win the election, get ready for…

The coming election for president, senators, and representatives is the most important in American history. Remember, you are voting for a platform and policies, not a personality. Consider what each side stands for. Don’t base your entire decision on a comment or media narrative. Don’t be a sheeple. Think with your own mind, pray. And consider your options wisely. There is just too much at stake. 

So, let’s take a close look at the Democrat Party’s platform and policies and decide if they are really what we want for the future of our country. Ready? Here we go…

If the Democrats win the election, get ready for…

1. More attacks on religious freedom and enforced gender disforia insanity-Perhaps no freedom is more precious than the freedom to worship and obey God according to one’s conscience. The democrats literally removed God from their platform a few years ago via boos and cheers at their convention. If the radical left, which has seized control and moved the party according to their will, gains control, Christian churches, schools, and businesses will be closely monitored and fined or even shut down if they to not cater to the perverted agenda of LGBTQ+ militancy. The attack on the traditional family will be complete. Polygamy and pedophilia will begin to be accepted. Biological males will be in the locker rooms and restrooms with our daughters, and even in women’s prisons! Girls sports will be no more. Confused children and youth will be administered hormones and surgeries for taxpayer funded “gender reassignment.” We have already seen what the democrat governors did and are still doing during the plan-demonic: shutting down churches and places of worship with threats of heavy fines and cutting off utilities. Churches are closed while casinos, abortion mills, and marihuana distribution centers remain open. They have already shown what they are capable of in taking away the freedom to assemble and worship God. And this is only the beginning. Perhaps nothing is more hated by leftists than Biblical ethics and Judeo-Christian values…the very ones the United States was founded upon. 

If the Democrats win the election, get ready for…

2. Abortion on demand up to 9 months as a federal law– Those that worship at the Moloch altar of abortion are never satisfied with any limits. They demand it everywhere and up to 9 months without restrictions. The blood of multiple millions of little souls is already on their hands. Make no mistake about it, it is because their “precious institution” of abortion is in danger they fought so hard against the confirmation of the last two conservative Supreme Court justices. They will “pack the court” and attempt to make abortion a federal law, taking away states rights, just as they did with traditional marriage. Biden has already said he would do this! The savagery and butchery of this evil platform knew no bounds as democrats applauded and cheered as the Governor of New York signed abortion up to 9 months into state law. Life is precious and we need to see where such policies lead. It starts with the unborn, then the recently born, then those deemed “unfit,” then those deemed “useless to society,” and will finally end with all those deemed as “enemies of the state.” Think it can’t happen? It already has, and over a hundred million people were killed because life was considered subservient to the state. The relativism and ever changing ethics of the Left always goes a little farther each time. Don’t look at a policy and ask, “What is this?”, but ask “Where does this lead?” If life is considered sacred and is protected from conception, this will never happen. You can’t get to second base without reaching first. This is why Bible Christians are against abortion: to protect innocent lives and to keep society moving into the a deeper devaluing of human life.

If the Democrats win the election, get ready for…

3. The end of free speech and the right to bear arms- Leftists have already taken control of academia, the media, and entertainment. Thought police and cancel culture run rampant, and colleges, which used to pride themselves as bastions of free speech, are now violent, seething cauldrons of suppression. This will only grow worse if the leftist wing of the democrat party gains the power they so desperately thirst for. And in order for complete takeover, the population must be disarmed. Forced “buy back” plans are already in place, and Biden’s future gun czar, Beto O’Rourke has clearly told us, “Hell yeah, we’re coming for your AR-15’s.” And do you really think they will stop there? Let me answer the question…NO!!

If the Democrats win the election, get ready for…

4. A betrayal of Israel, and a return to the ultra dangerous Iran nuclear deal- The democrat party is mostly pro-Palestinian and some members are even anti-semites. This will carry over into Middle East policy and pressure will be put on Israel to turn over land to the Palestinians in the West Bank and Golan Heights as well as their sovereign authority. This more than anything will remove God’s blessing from the United States and disaster will surely follow. The democrats will work to appease Iran again by giving them billions of dollars for the “pinky promise” that they will not use their nuclear technology to make weapons. In fact, this is exactly what they will do, and they will most assuredly use them when they finally obtain them. 

If the Democrats win the election, get ready for…

5. Appeasement of China and a return to the unfair trading and manufacturing policies that greatly damaged the United States economy and job market-Churchill wisely stated, “Appeasement is like feeding a crocodile so it will eat you last.” Make no mistake about it, the Great, Red, Communist Dragon of the Far East is planning for world dominion and wants nothing more than a democrat victory in the coming elections. It was for this reason they unleashed their deadly weapon on the world last November. They know the democrats will placate and appease them. While vice-president, Joe Biden was practically China’s lapdog. 

If the Democrats win the election, get ready for…

6. Socialist policies of high taxes, stifling regulations, and oil dependency that will lead to a failing economy– They will do this because they have clearly said they would. Under the guise of Climate Change and the 80 trillion dollar “Green New Deal” our once great country will be transformed into the “Socialist States of America.” The American dream will be gone, as well as freedom, prosperity, and opportunities for those that work hard and make wise investments. We know this because it is exactly what has happened every time Socialism has been tried. Some say that Socialism was just never “done right.” That is like saying “slavery was never done right.” Sky high tax rates and government appropriation and regulation will kill business, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Companies will seek to move elsewhere or shut down entirely. Gas prices will triple and the benefits of energy independence will be gone as once again the country will be dependent on foreign oil. The days of eating all you want will be gone. Money will lose its value and inflation will skyrocket. When this happens (it may take a few years, but make no mistake about it, it will happen) just remember, YOU voted for this in 2020 when you voted DEMOCRAT. Don’t bear surprised, they have already told us this is what they are planning to do and these policies will bring disaster. I personally cannot believe that so many people, especially young people are embracing the Marxist policies of Socialism. They cannot see that the radical climate change and BLM movements are nothing more than Trojan horses of Marxist indoctrination. 

If the Democrats win the election, get ready for…

7. Socialized medicine– This sounds good to some people, until they actually consider what they are getting. The immediate effect of socialized medicine is a great reduction in the quality of care as well as extremely long wait times for procedures and surgeries. This is why many Canadians and British, that have socialized medicine in their countries are forced to come to the USA for their care. If they wait the many months to be seen, they may die! And do you know who is against socialized medicine more than anyone else? The doctors themselves! With socialized medicine, you would have little or no say in which doctor or hospital will attend to you. Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea have socialized medicine. How is that working out? Granted, the Health Care system in the United States is far from perfect, but it is still the best in the world as far as quality, and most people, regardless of their income are able to access care as needed. Are you willing to take the path of the radical Left that leads to socialized medicine and all its problems just because our current system isn’t perfect? Yes, think well before you vote.

If the Democrats win this election, get ready for…

8. Defunding the police and increase of crime and lawlessness– Of all the insane policies of the radical left, this on takes the cake. The chant, “defund the police”will be ringing in the ears of those that will one day face dangerous criminals and have no one to call to come and protect them. Crime has totally exploded in democrat controlled cities and has spurred an exodus of millions of people that are literally fleeing for their economic and biological lives. The police, most of whom are honorable and put their lives on the line every day to protect us, are being targeted by hate and even bullets. The destructive anti-police policies of the leftist democrats have already been implemented in the cities where they exercise control, and we are seeing the result. If you want to know what the entire United States would would like under the federal control of the “New Democrat Party,” don’t look any farther than what is happening in places like Portland, Seattle, Baltimore, New York, Chicago, Detroit and San Francisco. These once beautiful cities are now cesspools of anarchy, drug addiction, and lawlessness. Is this what we want for the entire nation? Think about that when you vote.

If the Democrats win this election, get ready for…

9. The USA to go full globalization and become part of the “world community.”American exceptionalism is what has always set it apart from the rest of the world. It is why millions seek to enter its borders and very few seek to leave. In becoming part of the one world system, the United States will sacrifice this. Becoming part of a one world system may sound like a positive thing to some, but to those of us that have read the end chapters of God´s book, we know that it will usher in none other than the Anti-Christ system known as “the Beast” that will bring absolute totalitarianism, persecution, and death. What? All this just for electing the democrats? Maybe not immediately, but look at where their policy of globalization will lead. We need to understand that the democrat agenda and platform are moving targets. Because of their rejection of absolute truth and their embrace of relativism, their ideology and definitions are ever changing. What you see today is not what you will get tomorrow. Be assured, future positions will be further left and further radical. This is what you get if you vote for them. 

So consider all these things when you go to vote in a few days. The alternative to the Democrats is Donald Trump and Mike Pence, who stand diametrically opposed to every one to these radical leftist positions. Trump and Pence have already shown us during the last four years that they will defend life, personal liberties, religious freedom, and the nation of Israel. They will continue to implement policies that will cause the economy to rise, providing jobs, opportunities, and energy dependence. They will keep us out of foreign wars by making the military strong and taming dangerous regimes such as Iran and North Korea. And they will be “in the way” of Globalization and One World Government. How do we know? Because they have already done this! We know what we are getting with this ticket. 

As I stated in the beginning, we are about to enter the most important presidential election in history. The foundations and soul of the greatest nation in history is at stake. Consider your future, and if you have children, think of theirs as well. Vote wisely, and prayerfully. There is just too much at stake.

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